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A car grill is a plastic or metallic device resembling a cage that can be used to guard the engine compartment, lights, air filter at the engine’s back, and the bottom of the engine close to the bumper. There are radiator grills, bumper, headlight and fender grills. They protect the car parts listed above from dirt, rocks and other debris and larger objects from the road which can affect or damage the car parts yet still allow air to pass through and cool the parts. Although they serve an important purpose, especially when installed in some parts, car grills may be installed to express the owner’s personality.

You can find a car grill at a junk yard, automobile supply shops, and online on ecommerce sites such as eBay whether you’re looking for a replacement for your old worn-out grill or you simply want to change the look of your car.

Next to the car model, color, wheels and manufacturer sits the car grill as one of the most noticeable parts on a car or truck for quite a number of people. Manufacturers are increasingly using car grills in new unique designs that are easily recognizable as belonging to them to distinguish themselves. The different styles have given rise to names such as split grills, bell-shaped, single-frame, and arch-shaped grills.

Before we get into how to choose suitable car grills, it’s important to know the types that are there in order to select one that suits their needs and adds a touch of individuality.

Car grills types

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  • Mesh grills: These are known to be luxurious and sleek and are made of interwoven strips of metal or plastic in different patterns constructed either by weaving or punching it out of a sheet of metal or plastic resulting in a simple design but with a wide variety of patterns. With mesh grills, you are sure to find one with a distinct and custom look. The wider pattern variety is one of the things that differentiate mesh grills from the other grill types.
  • Billet Grills: This type of grills is more popular for being strong, durable and sporty and is considered effective for protecting the engine. They’re made up of thick strips of plastic or metal lying parallel to each other in a horizontal fashion with other variations having vertical or slanted bars. Horizontal styles are more common on trucks and fast cars while vertical patterns are commonly associated with luxury. Billet grills can be made from a variety of materials such as pure aluminum or with a mix of alloys that increase the grills’ strength and durability.
  • Custom grills: Car owners are not limited to the types of car grills discussed above. They can visit a brick and mortar suppliers or search online for a seller who specializes in custom grills. Custom grills are either manually fashioned or constructed using Computer Numerical Control (CNC), a computer program which controls the working of the machine.

Car grill materials

Car grills can be made from a wide variety of materials such as pure aluminum or aluminium mixed with other alloys, ABS plastic or stainless steel. The strength, durability, and appearance of the aluminium grills will vary depending on whether the Aluminium is pure or has been mixed with alloys. T-5 or 6 aluminium which is aircraft grade and is very durable. If mixed with alloys, the result is a tough grill that’s resistant to corrosion.

Stainless steel grills have better durability than aluminium ones and are also resistant to stains and corrosion. The greater the amount of chromium added to the steel the stronger the stainless steel grill will be. ABS plastic grills may be less expensive than those made from other materials, but are also not as durable.

There are several choices for the finishing of car grills including chrome, powder coating, polish and zinc plaiting, each giving the grill a distinct look, for instance powder coating which gives color or a matte and grainy finish. You can also get custom finishes such animal prints.

How do you choose a car grill?

When you are selecting a car grill, there are factors you need to look at. First,

  • Having information about the model, model, year and make of the car will help you know the type of grill to purchase.
  • Decide whether you want a used car grill or a new one as this will affect the price with used ones being cheaper but having no warranty.
  • Make sure the grill will fit on your car without you having to drill more holes, especially if it is for replacement purposes. If the grill is for cosmetic purposes, you may have to drill new holes.
  • You may want to consider having an additional layer of protection, especially for your headlights by getting yourself a grille guard. You can also have a car bra to protect the paint on the front of the car.
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