Additional Chrysler 300 Grills Accessories

chrome grills for the chrysler 300

If you want to change how the front of your Chrysler 300 looks, you have the option of using grill accessories. Chrysler 300 grills accessories are elegant surrounding parts that compliment and improve the look of the front grill and the car in general. Whether factory or after-market, there are custom parts and accessories that’ll upgrade your front grill without distorting or affecting your Chrysler‘s OEM parts.

Let’s Take a Look At Some of These Parts and Accessories

Driving Fog Light Bezel

This eye-catching driving light covers the Chrysler 300 trims and fog lights balancing the front grill and improving the grill’s appearance when it’s well fitted and thoughtfully used. It can be made of polished stainless steel or other materials that meets your preferences.

Grille Emblems

If you wish to add a unique feature to your vehicle, consider installing a grill emblem. Chrysler 300 grills badges emblem adds some personalized and distinct look to the front end of cars. The emblem and decals can be customized to your vehicle and used on both new and used grills and even though small in size, it can totally change the appearance of your car’s front and differentiate it from the rest other cars.

Grille Wing Medallion

The grill wing medallion is a simple but very noticeable accessory that complements and improves the style of your Chrysler 300 grill. It can be installed on its own or together with a custom grill emblem to raise the status of the front end of your car.

Headlight Covers

A feature commonly associated with Bentley and Rolls Royce vehicles, headlight covers can change the status and look of your vehicle and make a stylish statement. Installing headlight covers on your Chrysler 300 front end will create an entirely new and luxurious presence.

Fender Vents

Fender vents are meant to help with movement of air in and out of the engine and tire region. However, not all cars have them and some are fitted but not for ventilation purposes. They’re bright accessories that enhance your grill gives your Chrysler 300 a vintage, sporty look. They can make your vehicle stand out, but you must be careful with your choice of a fender vent and how it’s fitted because if you get it wrong, your car may end up looking unattractive and tacky.

Mesh Inserts

Improves the look of your Chrysler 300 mesh inserts which, depending on the grill you’ve fitted on your vehicle can combine style and purpose of most after-market grills. They can be made from a variety of materials such as aluminum and stainless steel.


Eyebrows are trendy accessories placed on the headlights. They’re cheap and can be easily installed on your Chrysler 300, drawing attention to the vehicle’s front end.

Chrome mustache

A chrome mustache is placed on the car above the front grill blending with the front hood and making it stand out. Just like the eyebrows, a mustache draws attention to the front of your car and can be a style statement.

The list of Chrysler 300 grill and accessories available goes on and includes chrome license plates and bumper inserts. These accessories can easily be found online and in specialty car boutiques at a fair cost so explore and find something that meets your accessorizing needs. Read on tips to buying chrysler 300 grills.

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