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A grill in automotive engineering is the covering in an opening of a car to allow air to enter. Most vehicles feature a grill on the front of the vehicle between the hood and bumper. Apart from allowing air in, it also protects the engine and radiator. Some vehicles have more than one grill at the front, like some models of the Chrysler 300, which have an additional grill below the bumper. Rear engine vehicles also have a grill on the rear deck lid.

One of the things you will note about Chrysler 300 is the supersonic feel and taste. It presents a devastating package from the performance to the body style. A custom Chrysler 300 grill will also breathe more life into the car making it have a better look than it already has. There is a plethora of options to choose from such as the mesh or Billet grill. Alternatively, you can have a custom grill built by a number of grill manufacturers in the US. Such companies will be able to give you what you need while even offering step-by-step instructions that will make the installation process a DIY (Do It Yourself) project.

Custom grills

As an owner of a Chrysler 300, you may be wondering how to get your grill customized. A custom grill will make sure you do not get glances, but stares from people wondering what kind of car you are driving. At the same time, you can make your car look the way you always wanted. The main difference between a custom grill and a normal grill is the design, materials used and finish. With a factory grill, you can select one that is closest to your wants and desires. A custom grill on the other hand can be made to suit your every need.

Custom Chrysler 300 grills are made by very many grill manufacturers and auto shops. You can find one in your locality or have one made by placing an order with your requirements. Basically the design team or individual will ask you questions such as the materials you would want use, the design and the colors as well as finishes you will want. It is not as challenging as you will be provided with images of what to expect and you can make the changes you want to the point of satisfaction.

Before you decide to have a custom grill built, you will need information on the types of finishes, materials to be used and the different types of grills you desire to have and so forth.

 The best finish for grills

All vehicle enthusiasts love to engage in discussions on what is the best tire, the best wheel, the best car and on and on. The discussions are eternal, even when new products have been released in the market. As a result, there has never been a solution to what the best accessory is. The main reason why it is difficult to find a solution for everyone is the different tastes people have. Different tastes are the reason why some people go for custom Chrysler 300 grills.

For an intelligent and satisfactory choice to be made, it would be advisable to have a few pros and cons of different grill finishes. For instance, if you want a black grill you need to decide on black chrome, black powder coat, black paint or made in black ABS plastic. Obviously they will require different levels of care, be differently priced and look different. Each of the materials and finishes has its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing them will help you make a better choice. the video below will give you an idea of what to expect.


ABS plastic is one of the easiest grills to maintain. The material is quite common in original grills, but mostly made to look like another material. ABS is quite durable and versatile to the point that it may be a challenge to tell whether a part has been made using chrome plated metal or chrome plastic. The material can be made to look like chrome and keep its shine without pitting and without regular polish. The thing that one has to be careful about when purchasing items made from ABS is the quality. A poor quality finish on the plastic will separate from the plastic and look very bad, regardless of the grill being in color, chrome or black.

Painted grills do not have a major difference to painted body parts. They are just as difficult or easy to care for as any other surface. Powder coat may be the best bet because it is baked into metal. In the past such finishes had a slightly uneven finish. Current good quality powder coat finishes can be made as smooth as common spray-on paint finishes. Furthermore they are not only in black and white as was the case in the past. They are now available in any color including clear coat finishes in both shiny matte and glossy. Durability of any powder coat depends less on the powder coat itself and more on the underlying surface. In the vent the underlying metal is rusted, the coat will flake off exposing the corroded surface underneath.

The vulnerable positioning of grills makes them exposed to various elements such as being blasted by road debris. An advantage of good quality powder is its resistance to chipping than regular paint. It is therefore the preferred choice for Chrysler 300 grill finishes.


If you want to have that deep shine, there is nothing that compares to real metal plating. The same applies for black finishes. One of the most luxurious grill finishes in the market is black chrome. It is not only applicable for black grills, but also for other grills. Keep in mind that black chrome is also one of the most exclusive and expensive. Black chrome has a very mysterious, special glow to it that offers a discreet and still distinctive luxury look. This does not mean that it is easier to keep less exclusive grills good looking than black chrome grills. On the contrary, maintaining them is as easy as caring for other chrome finishes.

The metal that a chrome finish is applied to is as important as the type of finish. This is mainly the case when it comes to custom grills. If the chrome is applied to a corroding metal, both mirror shine and black chrome finishes can deteriorate fast. The corrosion can get started with a little of an imperfection in the chrome. For example, a hit by a stone is sufficient. The question of what grill finish is the best is irrelevant when the finish is going to be applied to a poor quality base material. To be 100% sure your grill will remain good looking and shiny, you should go for a grill in a stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or non-corroding material.

Even though stainless steel can be polished to a very high shine, the chrome trim shine will always be deeper. Probably the most durable and best looking grills are those made from stainless steel. Its availability is in mesh and billet designs, in both mirror and black shine chrome and in all kinds of shapes.


A very popular metal for grills is aluminum. The finishing options for this metal are many, including polished, anodized and of course painted. Polished and anodized aluminum finishes are quite sensitive to strong chemicals. Even though they look great when they are new, it is quite hard to keep them good on a car that moves daily. They are also sensitive to road salt and strong chemicals used in car washes.

A protective clear coat finish can be used to cover polished aluminum. The cover will however not keep the surface shiny for a long period. Once aluminum begins to oxides under the coat, the protection will tend to be more of a problem than a solution.

Selecting non-corrosive materials

When it comes to grill surfaces it is advisable to go for durable materials and avoid any finishes that may be sensitive to chemicals common in the automotive world. The safe bets are chromed or polished stainless steel, chrome and ABS plastic. If you would prefer to have a painted grill, ensure that the paint used is of good quality. It is preferable to use a powder coat and ensure the base metal is non-corrosive. Such a move will prevent rusted out pits all over your customized grill.

What are the different types of grills?

The grill on your Chrysler is one of the most distinctive features about your car. If you want to make your car look unique or simply good, you should seriously consider upgrading / changing your grill. There are different types of grills and you can only choose the right one by having information about the types available and their differences.

Mesh grills

Mesh grills offer a combination of elegant, yet simple grills. They have a mesh pattern which is why they are referred to as ‘mesh grills’. The pattern is made by weaving strands of stainless steel together or they can be cut then formed by a machine. Grills of this kind can be powder coated, chrome plated or polished in various colors.

Billet grills

This is a term you will come across frequently. In some places it has become synonymous for ‘aftermarket’ or ‘custom’ to the point that any grill of this type is normally called a billet grill. The term billet basically refers to a grill style which consists of horizontally or vertically stacked bars. It is a term that is thought to have originated from the fact that the bars are similar to billets’ extrusions and castings square section formed when aluminum or steel is created. Their designs will vary from those with a few thick bars to those with many thin bars stacked closely together. Such grills are made using stainless steel or aluminum and can be, power coated, chrome plated or polished in your color of choice.

Types of grills

Grills can also be classified according to the method of installation. In this classification, there are two main types of grills:

  1. Insert –is the type that fits into your Chrysler 300’s grille opening once that the main part of the existing grille has been cut out. An insert will fit inside and attach to the original grill shell. It requires some effort and time to install than a replacement grill. In some cases the front fascia may have to be removed.
  2. Replacement – is used to replace the entire factory grille assembly, including the shell of the grill. Installation will be determined by the design of the aftermarket and factory grills. The installation instructions will specify the best method of attachment.

Cheap grills

There are two main ways for an individual to find cheap Chrysler 300 grills. The first option requires searching online stores such as eBay. In such a store, you will come across many options like new or used grills for your perusal. You will then need to dedicate sufficient time to find one that suits your wants and budget.

The second option involves looking for auctions of vehicle accessories. This second option is quite time consuming and may require a few months to be effective. To speed up the process, you may request for assistance from Chrysler 300 forums as they may have people who are selling the same. The forums may also be a good place to get information on locations where you can find Chrysler 300 grills cheaply.

Top 10 grills for Chrysler 300

There are more than twenty manufacturers of Chrysler 300 grills in the United States alone. Finding one that will meet your wants may be a challenge. However, with a list of the top ten highest rated manufacturers you can make your decision process easier. They are:

  1. APS
  2. Asanti Grilles
  3. CR – Designs
  4. E&G Classics
  5. Grip
  6. Lund
  7. MVP Styling
  8. Precision Grilles
  9. Putco
  10. T-Rex

For example, MVP Styling has gained recognition for some of its car grills. One of the grills that have made the company very popular is the MVP Chrome Plated Bentley Style Wire Mesh Grill with Bentley Style Wing. It was quite popular in 2010 and made very high sales compared to other types of grills made by the company.

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