Could The Dodge Grills Design Be Disappearing

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Car brands such as Cadillac and the Rolls-Royce have grills with a consistent theme, for instance, the Cadillac with its egg-crate motif which has been in existence since the 1930s. However, other brands have quite often changed their car grill design such the brand is identified by a trademarked symbol. The Ford is an example of car brands that have often changed their design. The point is car grills can be used as brand identifiers such that one is able to know the car’s brand just by looking at it.

How consistent have they been…

The Dodge brand has been consistent with its grill design for about 30 years; the dodge grills with there nested crossed bars or gun sight within the radiator opening. This dodge motif could be spotted on both Dodge trucks and cars. However, the truck line recently became a separate brand named Ram, which was also a line of Dodge trucks. They used a bighorn Ram as the signature hood ornament between the early 1930s and early 1950s.

When the Ram brand was created, some people at Chrysler insisted on maintaining the Dodge symbolism because they thought the brand would still be related to the Dodge. However, there’s no telling what the future holds for the Dodge symbolism; which between the two brands, Ram and Dodge would retain it. Let’s look at some of the vehicle lines and the symbolism they used that will perhaps give a clue to the future of the dodge grills design.

What is the tradition…

The traditional dodge grill motif emerged from the 1985 dodge diplomat. It can also be spotted on the full-size 2013 Dodge Charger; Dodge’s current and largest sedan line as well as on the 2013 Ram 1500. Because of how the Ram 1500 looks with its bold yet simple design and a cross pattern that works perfectly on huge and aggressive-looking trucks, it has been said to be the true indication of what a truck should be. It is suspected that ram trucks will continue using it.

The smaller 2013 Dodge dart, a newer version of the Dodge diplomat, is based on the Alpha Romeo components where the airflow opening for the main radiator is set low and is a rather secret hole. It has a small slot just above the bumper that forms part of the Dodge grill. The Dodge Dart has maintained the cross pattern design of the dodge grills but in a bit more styled-up manner. It is too early to tell for certain whether this is an indication of the future of the Dodge grills symbolism.

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