Get Jewelry Chrysler 300 Grills For Your Car

used 1955 chrysler 300 grills

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Having just spent a tidy amount of hard earned money for your new Chrysler 300, you could be feeling on the top of world. It is unfortunate though that there are thousands of people on the road who own an exact replica. It is would be time to pimp up your ride and make it stand out from the crowd by getting jewelry style Chrysler 300 grills for your car.

Of the many types of grills out there, the Chrysler 300 diamond woven mess grille stands out from all the rest and includes two versions. One is the primary grille, a jewelry grade diamond woven mesh stainless steel surround with company shield attached. The other is the lower bumper grille, another jewelry grade stainless steel surround diamond woven mesh with a company shield.

This collection of Grills

Crafted like exquisite jewelry, each handcrafted grill is a personal reflection of the artisan’s expertise which further reflects the pride and passion they bring to their work. The grilles are sold at high end car dealerships and auto boutiques only.

This collection is designed specifically for the luxury and top end of the car market and this shall make your car really stand out from the rest. This range is also well known round the globe for the jewelry range of car accessories.

The grilles can be further divided into two categories loosely based on the manner they are installed on your car. The two are the bolt over billet grilles and the replacement billet grilles.

Bolt Over billets

This type of grill is the easiest and least time consuming to fit onto your car. As opposed to completely replacing the grill work, a bolt over grill fits right on top of the existing one. They come in pre-attached well hidden bolts that use locknuts and brackets. This gives a secure, solid and simple fitting. No drilling or cutting of any kind is required.

Replacement billets

 A replacement billet grill completely transforms the default grill. The manufacturer’s grille comes off and your personally chosen grille comes on. This means some body work will have to be performed but nothing to be alarmed about. Stock grilles are installed and fastened with plastic brackets that require about twenty minutes to slice of with a saw.

With the removal of the original, a replacement billet grill takes its place with ease. Some light drilling may be required for some vehicle models and although more time is required, the stunning results are worth every effort.

The grill is the first thing most people see from the front of your car. A Chrysler 300 grill leaves them with a lasting great impression and this shall reflect on you. It may set you back some tidy amount of money but then again, a great look does not come cheap. Great workmanship and the promise that you are getting body work jewelry for your car is the hallmark of the institution giving you the grills. That is their subtle promise.

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