How to Paint Your Car Grill Like a Professional

car grills painting

Once you’ve decided on the color to paint your car grills make sure you’ve bought the necessary supplies and a clean place to work in. One shouldn’t work from outside since the dirt and some fine debris will stick to the paint before it dries which will result in uneven surface and bumpy finish.

Generally, your workspace should be covered with dustproof material to avoid such incidences. You should also be able to inspect the car grill to make sure if you’ll have to work on it while still mounted or you’ve to remove it to paint it. Make sure you’ve taped with newspaper around the grills to avoid the paint getting on the car body. Continue reading to find out the tips to use while painting your car grill.

Prepare the Car Grill Properly

Make sure you prepare your car grill properly before you apply any spray paint on it, so that you’ve the best surface for paint to cohere to. Washing the car grill thoroughly would be the first step to take in preparing the surface. This should be done using a good degreasing cleanser. The same soap you use for cleaning your vehicle would be okay, but can also use a spray cleaner if you’ve it available. To avoid ending up with uneven painted areas, make sure you attend to the surface by cleaning the dirt out of all the nooks and crannies.

In case your car grill is made of plastic, you’ll have to sand it first. This can be done using a 220 grit sandpaper so that, to rough up the surface which will allow it to adhere to the paint. Make sure the surfaces have been sanded until you no longer have any shiny surfaces left.

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To ensure the car grills look professionally painted priming is essential. Make sure you purchase a primer spray that works well with the type of grill you have. For instance, use primer suitable for plastic if the grills are made using plastic material. Acidic primer works well with metallic grills since they etch into the surface as it prepares it for painting.

It’s recommended to apply two coats of primer so that you have a complete cover on the surface, otherwise follow the instructions provided with your buying pack when applying the primer. Allow an hour between each coat you apply in both the primer and paint steps. This will ensure the coats are fully dry and looking fabulous.


For a nice finish, you should sand the surface again after applying the primer then let it dry. This time a light sanding would be appropriate, just to let the paint adhere. After you’re through with the sanding wash your car grill to remove debris coming from the sanding.

Apply a Clear Coat

Two or three coats of clear paint to provide protection to the underneath coats would be just enough to finish your painting job. Follow the instructions provided with the clear coat paint to guide on how to apply it nicely. It should also guide you on whether to apply two or three coats, but if the directions are not clear just apply three coats to be safe. For a shiny finish, glossy clear coat is the most appropriate to use, otherwise for a good finish a clear coat would work. Make sure you allow at least four minutes in between each coat to dry and four hours after you’ve finished before handling the new painted car grills.


The last step would be shinning the surface to ensure it looks professionally painted which can be achieved using rubbing or shinning compounds. The compounds should be applied using soft cloth since other materials would scratch the painted surface. This will create a shiny finish.

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