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It has come to our notice that many people are looking for a central place to get guides on different customization they could do to their vehicle. With that in mind we’ve decided to come up with a section to offer a series of guides that can be done to car to make it look more classy. This information is reached as a result of discussion on various car ethuasist forums where we discuss them and come up with the best results ever. Based on tested results. Some of our series will be backed up with videos from real practical solutions offered on the social networks.

The first question we’re going to answer in our Guide forum is, “How to paint a car grill”. This question was asked on one of the forums and we found it very neccessary to give a full guide on our first DIY Guide. Feel free to read through and tell us your feedback on our email section.

Series One: “How To Paint Your Car Grill Like a Proffesional

This articles takes you through the steps to paint your car grill in a proffesional way regardless of the material they are made of. The steps are well elaborated and the user can follow easily if they decide on the DIY process. A video too was embeded to help illustrate the process easily. At the end of the reading the user will be a pro in matters of painting and making finishing touches.

More to come

Series Two:How to install Custom Car Grills

This article guides you through the process of fitting a custom Grill that can be done on either the chrysler 300, dodge truck and many more classic vehicle that needs customization to look nice. It has been the trend nowadays to ensure that you have the best looking car on the road and one of ways to do this is to fit it with exterior accessories. Enjoy reading through the various tricks that help you install customized car grills.

Series Three:Remove bugs from your Grills

Some people have been having trouble in removing bugs while cleaning their car grills, especially those with mesh grills. To have a field day while cleaning them, follow the guide and get tips on how to do it with real ease without damaging your grill. We are fully aware chrysler 300 grills cost alot of money and maintaining them is essential. If exposed to scratches it would make them look unattractive and people will have a perception of a careless driver or a dont care personality that doesn’t potray the classy ride you possess. This guide is for you, if really mind maintaining the state of your grills while cleaning them. You’ll also enjoy the video embeded on it.
Feel free to drop us an email on a DIY guide you want us to look at and we are going to get back to you and give you a free guide because all our vistors matter to us. Thank you.

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