The Hidden Traditional Behind The Dodge Ram Grills

Dodge Ram grill

Ex factory car grills are often a powerful identification item when it comes to vehicle brands. A number of car brands like Cadillac, with its egg-crate insignia, and Rolls Royce, have been consistent throughout their history. Other car brands have had to change their grill designs often. This has left branding identity at the mercy of other aspects of the vehicle. The custom Dodge ram grills are no exception.

A Brief History of The Dodge Ram Grills

For about thirty years and counting, Dodge has consistently used the same grill theme. The gun sight or bars nested upon the vehicle’s radiator opening is synonymous with the identity of the brand. This pattern has been imposed on both the Dodge cars and Dodge trucks.

A short period ago, the truck product line at Dodge was spun off and became a separate arm of Dodge called Ram. The use of the name “Ram” for the new spin off was chosen since Ram was a distinct line of Dodge trucks. In Dodge’s history line of vehicle manufacture covering the 1930s to the 1950s, Dodge cars, used a big horn sheep, or a ram, as an ornament on its hood thus the name.

Upon establishment of the Ram Truck brand, someone within the highest echelons of Chrysler apparently insisted that Ram and Dodge remain related. This meant that every aspect of the symbolism would be retained as they were. The question though, remains how long into the future will it hold.

The Ram brand has its own design and manufacturing staff or specialists who could decide not to continue with the traditional Dodge grill design and decide to concentrate on the new dodge ram grill designs. The prospective owners and car enthusiasts can only look at this upcoming models to get a feel of the direction this will take. Should they not like what they get, then custom Dodge Ram grill designers will gladly fill in the void created. learn about how the dynamics of the traditions of the old Dogde grills designs are fast disappering.

A Look At Some Models

The clues to what direction the traditional Dodge grill motif will take can be sniffed from looking at the vehicles that have rolled out of the factory over the years. The 1985 Dodge Diplomat model is one of them. With this model, car admirers and design critics have had the opportunity to perceive the earliest instances of what had become of the historical Dodge grill design.

The ex factory grill on the 2013 Dodge Charger and what custom Ram Dodge grill fans have done with their respective personal vehicles is a testament to resilience, or lack of it, of the original design. Perhaps in appreciation of the bold but simple design on the 2013 Ram 1500, the cross pattern dodge ram grill conforms nicely on big and aggressive looking trucks. Maybe then, Ram vehicles in the future will keep it.

The small 2013 Dodge Dart is essentially based upon Alfa Romeo parts. In conformity with many cars today, the radiator opening for airflow was set in an anonymous low hole. A small slot above the car’s bumper becomes a grill system, although it’s not needed for actual radiator air flow. The distinct cross pattern gets retained, although in a stylized attitude.

At the moment, it’s rather too soon to positively tell if this is a sign of the future dodge ram grill designs. What can be said with confidence is that custom Ram Dodge grills are easily available for those who feel that they don’t like what comes out of the factory.

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