What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About 2015 Chrysler 300 Grills

2015 chrysler 300 grills

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The 2015 Chrysler 300 has a major facelift. Wikipedia cannot tell you this, but we can. Without fear of contradiction, we have learned that customer fulfillment could have influenced the facelift being seen with the 2015 chrysler 300 grills. It may seem a bit off, but according to the brand president, Al Gardner while talking to Edmunds, he said, they had to put into consideration the complaints they received from the previous 300 launched. From 2011- to 2014, the models released had a smaller grill, which did not go well with the devout owners.

The RWD sedan was among the favorites for most Chrysler fans, for its authoritative front, but this should surprise them even more. The automaker has finally decided to make it look bolder in its appearance.

The grille in question has been increased by 33 percent compared to older 300 models, this conforms with the industry trend that favor the huge grills for lavishness models. It had been reduced when the Chrysler 300 decided to re-engineer from 2011.

For more of the features, what the chrysler.com video.

One of the reasons they decided to make this bold move is because previous models, especially those created between 2005-2010 got more attention when being driven around. Reason being, its big grill. This was the reason Chrysler decided to hear what customers were saying and resolved to improve the face of the current generation. More of what the customers said influenced in its design. It’s now taller, wider and lower than what we had before; what the automaker called “bring some mojo to the exterior design.” Chrysler product marketing manager, Mr. Andy Love thinks the 2015 300 would bring more boldness of the model as the 2005 did.

While designing the Chrysler, officials confess to spending more time working on the front end than any other part. This included the interior and its somewhat redesigned rear. This face-lift combined with the stylish status the sedan enjoys, heighten the classiness of this particular model.

This large 2015 chrysler 300 grills gives it a more aggressive and snoot appearance that is enhanced by the high-intensity lights.

The Simplest Ways to Make the Best Out of Them

As its widely known, huge grilles are more of a trademark of luxury cars such as the Bentley, Audi, and the ever attractive Rolls-Royce. With this new look, ideas have started streaming in on how Chrysler owners should enhance the grills. Martin Torres, a Chrysler enthusiast has already improved it by getting a more fresh texture and lowering it a little bit, but at the same time avoiding it to look like a Challenger or a Charger.

Some other ways to make it more elegant include using different shades. Already all series have different kinds of grills. The 300 has a black grille with shiny ring, the 300S looks cool with its black chrome, but could still look good if its enhanced a little more. The 300C grill is made from granite crystal surrounded by a chrome ring. All these can get a unique fascia to camouflage using a wire-mesh grille to look more unique. To find out more enhancing options, visit the DIY page to learn more.

Why We Love This Car (And You Should, Too!)

The reason we like these 2015 chrysler 300 grills, is just the way the designers made it have a more fluid and sculpted outlook. Its massive structure makes it more prominent and more attractive. This time the badge seems like it’s floating which gives it a new facelift of the Chrysler family. These grilles are just a beauty to look at.

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